Monday, January 10, 2011

8 Months Post-Op: Life Anew

So, it is just nearly 8-months post op. I am 197 lbs., 29% body fat and feeling fantastic.

Life has really picked up. I am doing very well at my new job, which isn't new anymore. Nicole and I are hoping to be expecting soon and I am pushing myself to new places that I haven't been able to explore before. Goals and dreams that I have had for years that I couldn't consider seriously before are now potential realities. I cannot express how wonderful it is to think about these goals in real terms, let alone pursue them! Truly rewarding. For certain reasons, I cannot go in to all my plans, but needless to say they are exciting and if they come to fruition, I will definitely share when the time is right.

So, I now wear a 34/36 pant and medium shirts...can you believe it? It is hard to conceptualize.

Anyway, it has been a tremendous journey so far and it has only really just began. I look forward to the continuation of this journey and all of its ups and downs along the way.

Talk soon!

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